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. Answer (1 of 4): Looks change. Personality is forever. If you are with someone for her/his looks, exactly how long do you predict you’ll be with that person? Until they are no longer attractive?.

Ten Traits That Make a Woman Threatening to Other Women. Let's take a closer look at these 10 qualities that can inspire jealousy. 1. You're Beautiful. Whether or not you believe you're beautiful, if other women around you think you're prettier than them, you may struggle to connect with them.

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for those of you who haven't watched "self made man" it's highly recommended and gives a unique perspective about a lot of social misconceptions human society is constantly obsessing with, RIP. 21. 29. r/AllPillDebate. Join. Connection and being understood are so rare that one can hardly be picky, plus most people are interesting to look at. Sex is better when you're with someone of that calibur, too. "Actractiveness" factors like hygiene, personal style, and behavior (manners, how the person treats others) matter more to me than "looks".

Clues like demographics and personality can improve a lawyer's chance of predicting a juror's stance on a verdict by up to 15 percent. Here are a few things lawyers take into consideration when.

How do I get women to like my personality more than my looks. Reclusemaxer; Aug 27, 2022; Inceldom Discussion; Replies 7 ... Being neurotypical does not matter. City.

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